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We bring together Artificial Intelligence and human expertise to make your trading decisions more profitable. 

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Why Vega?

Vega understands commodity markets, data and technology and the challenge of creating value. We reduce the large amount of real-time data into idea generation, price analytics and predictions that keeps you one-step ahead.


Our products form the foundation of profitable trading strategies, adaptable to different users, each with their own risk profile and appetite.

Our products

We are first to acquire, structure and compile a unique high-resolution dataset that sits at the core of our products.


You get access to real-time, actionable insights that fits seamlessly into your existing workflows without the effort of building and maintaining them yourselves. 


Our web platform has three modules, each designed to enhance your insight and trading:


We deploy machine learning to generate predictions that indicate the best time to buy or sell.

Our AI generated trade signals are developed from hundreds of models autotuned for optimal predictions.

Predict features:

  • AI generated price predictions for next 10, 30 and 60 minutes

  • Measurable accuracy for clear view of value creation

  • View in context of support and resistance levels 

  • View trading strategies which are trending


Vega Zoom

Idea generation

Intuitive and non-intuitive insight helping to continuously incept new trading ideas.


We zoom in on relevant price analysis, analytics, predictions and their use in trading strategies.

Zoom features:

  • Understand current and historical market states through our trend tagging

  • Digestable reports with interactive analytics

  • Live analytics on price patterns

  • Analysis of cleaned datasets 

Vega Lab

Idea simulation

We provide a lab to simulate and validate any idea before deployment.

We have recreated the traded market to the millisecond with price, volume and market depth data. The Lab allows you to test complex trading strategies to identify profitable configurations.

Lab features:

  • Unique dataset allowing you to test strategies that you could not otherwise validate

  • Set your trading mandate and signals to test strategies and slippage

  • Upload your own signals and test in strategies

  • Analyse and compare strategy performance 

Vega Predict

AI trade signals 


About Vega

Founded in 2017 by the senior management behind Eclipse Energy Group which was acquired by S&P Global in 2014. We are a team of commodity market experts, traders, data scientists and AI engineers. We are passionate about creating tools using the latest technologies for participants in all commodity markets.