Developing AI solutions in global commodity markets

Artificial intelligence (Ai) and machine learning will transform how trading, analysis and risk management is done in commodity markets. This creates strategic and operational management challenges as the company information infrastructure, revenue creation and risk strategies will need to be re-engineered.


Vega will be at the forefront in the surveillance, interpretation and application of the research in this area and will share this with our clients. If you are interested in improved asset optimization, how to use proprietary data for maximum value or how to extract faster insight from publicly available data then we are creating tools of value to you. If you are seeking to identify the new data and information value chain or other managerial challenges in this context we can assist.   


Vega (symbol α) is one of the lead stars, stationary to earth's rotation giving a fixed point of navigation in unchartered territory.  Vega aim to provide the insight and products to navigate this new landscape.

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